1_lab-testingComprehensive Lab Testing

A core belief here at Regenerate Health is to take a deeper look at the cause of illness, rather than only cover up the symptoms. Comprehensive specialty testing helps us find the root causes of concerns.  At your initial appointment, your naturopathic doctor will select the appropriate lab tests to run in order for you to achieve optimal health.
We offer specialized lab tests to assess the following:
  • Hormone Imbalances
  • Thyroid & Adrenal Function
  • Micronutrient Deficiencies
  • Digestive Function
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Neurotransmitter Levels
  • MTHFR Mutations
  • Blood Sugar Imbalances
  • Cholesterol & Cardiovascular Risk Status
  • Heavy Metal Testing
  • Inflammation and Oxidation Markers

Comprehensive Hormone Testing – Hormones regulate all of our bodies functions – from sex drive to building muscle and metabolism, our hormones play a vital role in our health and wellbeing. Does your body feel sluggish, heavy, and uncomfortable? Has your sex drive gone down or are you experiencing PMS symptoms? Assessing hormones is an indispensable aspect of getting your body back on track! Hormones are often assessed via blood testing but at Regenerate Health we primarily do urine testing. By measuring the urine at specific time points, we can see how the body is producing, metabolizing and excreting.  This is by far the most accurate method to determine your hormonal cycle as well as the effects of hormone replacement therapy.

Adrenal Stress Test – Stress is a part of daily life, but we are designed to handle short term stressors, not so much long term stress. Chronic stress over time takes a toll on our bodies resulting in altered stress hormone output. This test will show over the course of the day how your adrenals are functioning so that the best treatment plan can be implemented.

Micronutrient Profile – Is your body getting all the nutrition it needs to maintain health at the cellular level?  Are you well balanced?  This test measures is a comprehensive array of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants inside your cells and assists in designing a treatment plan to restore balance for the whole body.

Comprehensive Digestive Testing – Digestive function is paramount for a healthy body including immune system and cognitive function. With today’s stressors and increasing antibiotic use most people have altered digestive function leading to a broad array of symptoms including irritable bowel, brain fog, joint pain, autoimmune diseases, etc. Stool testing will identify what is going on inside the gut so the best treatment plan can be customized and implemented for you.

Gluten & Celiac Panel – Offers a clear answer to the body’s reaction to gluten, wheat, barley, rye, and spelt. Determines whether a person has Celiac Disease, gluten sensitivity, and/or gluten allergy.

Food Sensitivity Test – Although not called a true allergy, food sensitivities are a major underlying cause of many people’s symptoms, such as fatigue, joint pain, depression, and much more. This test covers 184 different foods and will show your IgG (delayed response) and/or IgE (immediate response) antibody levels.

Neurotransmitter Levels – Neurotransmitters are the brain chemicals that influence and regulate a wide range of processes such as mental performance, emotions, pain response and energy levels. Neurotransmitter function has a profound influence on overall health and well-being and imbalances in certain neurotransmitters are associated with depression, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, Loss of mental focus, Addiction and dependency, Hormonal imbalances, and Loss of appetite control, amongst others.

MTHFR TestingMTHFR is an enzyme necessary for an important metabolic process called methylation. It is this process that converts folate and folic acid into an active form the body can use. The MTHFR gene produces this enzyme, but a genetic mutation can inhibit its function and result in a wide array of symptoms.

Genetic Testing – People often blame their health on their genes, however this test maps out the entire genome and the doctor will interpret key genes involved in health and metabolism and show you if you carry a certain marker for more serious diseases.  As an added bonus, you can see your ancestry and potentially connect to long lost relatives and aid in pre-conception health if you are starting a new family.

Cardiometabolic Panel – Cholesterol is a broad topic in health, especially in cardiovascular disease management. This panel takes an expanded view of not only cholesterol, but different markers of health for your heart including blood sugar and diabetic markers.

Heavy Metal Panel – It’s a toxic world out there. Lead, mercury, arsenic, and many other metals can shut down the body’s ability to function. These metals can affect all of your body’s systems especially the nervous system. If you or a loved one has unexplained symptoms of diseases such as neuropathy, Parkinson’s, or dementia, this test is a must to determine if heavy metals are a burden to the body.

Oxidative Stress Test – This is a quantitative test to measure how many free radicals are damaging your DNA. Free radical damage increases the chances of cancer, cataracts, and wrinkles, all diseases of aging and toxic burden.

Glutathione Test – The most powerful antioxidant that your body produces. This test shows how much you are producing and if it is available to scavenge free radicals. A great combination to add to the Oxidative Stress Test.


"I went to see Dr. ACE, because I had two bulged thoracic disks that keep getting re-injured every year; With her expertise, knowledge and use of very targeted machines, she not only broke the re-injured cycle, but in addition she customized a nutritional and exercise plan to improve my overall well-being. So I highly recommend Dr. ACE and Regenerate Health Medical Center, for all your medical, sport and nutrition needs.” - Jorge

"Dr Ace is truly brilliant - she is kind and knows her stuff! Thank you Dr Ace!” - Angela

"I can not recommend Dr. ACE and Regenerate more highly. She is a compassionate, thoughtful, passionate doctor who thinks strategically and is using cutting edge technology and research to get her patients truly better. I have a host of health issues including a chronic injury in my right hand, wrist and shoulder that I have struggled with for years. I have seen a lot of orthos, PT's chiro's, acupuncturist, etc. and some have helped but no one has been able to really break the cycle of pain I deal with, especially when I try and exercise. Dr. ACE is so knowledgable and knew exactly what to ask, what to check for and what to do. She created a comprehensive plan including diet, supplement recommendations, prolotherapy, voltage therapy and now personal training. In a few short weeks, I have seen actual results including less pain, increased strength (which I didn't think was possible) and for once, I have hope that I can recover from these injuries that have plagued me and kept me from getting stronger. I could not more highly recommend her for any medical issue you are facing.” - Amy

"I have been seeing Dr. ACE since February 2016 and she has been extremely proactive in finding out about my health issues. Dr. ACE has found out more about my health in less than two months than my regular doctors have in decades. She is very educated and dedicated in her field and is like a CSI figuring out why I'm having the life limiting symptoms I have been experiencing. If you want to understand and know what's going on with your body instead of the regular route of being sent home with a bunch of preventative medications I highly recommend a visit to Dr. ACE!” - Caroline

“After 1 prolotherapy treatment my ankle pain is 50% better. I should have come to Dr. ACE years ago when my tendonitis started! I’ll be referring everyone I know to Dr. ACE.” - Clint


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