Platelet Rich Plasma

How Does it Work? | What is It? | Is it Considered Blood Doping?

PRP Injections, or Platelet Rich Plasma, are one of the most talked about and exciting treatments for pain. This injection is a super-charged Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT) that requires fewer visits. Top athletes like Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, and Ray Lewis have all received amazing results and gotten back in the game with a shorter recovery time. Platelet rich plasma has over 8,000 peer-reviewed journal studies showing promise across the medical field.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections are used for the repair of chronic degenerative joints, ligaments and tendon injuries. This new technology is backed by research and is changing the way we treat injury, pain and aging.  Conditions treated include; chronic overuse injuries to the ankles, knees and shoulders; arthritic joints, chronic back and spine arthritis and pain, and degenerative disc disease. In addition, these specific injuries including tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, knee ligament tears, shin splints, partial thickness rotator cuff tears, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and IT band syndrome may all be effectively treated using PRP. PRP is blood plasma with concentrated platelets.  The concentrated platelets found in PRP contain huge reservoirs of bioactive proteins, including growth factors that are vital to initiate and accelerate tissue repair and regeneration. These bioactive proteins initiate connective tissue healing: bone, tendon and ligament regeneration and repair, promote development of new blood vessels and stimulate the wound healing process resulting in new collagen formation. Conventional treatments for pain are focused on the symptom of pain and turning it off, whereas PRP is aimed at the root cause: damage to joints and connective tissue, and healing that damage.

How do PRP injections work?

After a blood draw in the office, your blood is spun down in a centrifuge to concentrate platelets. Then a local anesthetic is injected to the area of pain or damage. Finally, the PRP is injected to the site of injury.
Platelets contain various growth factors that activate and enhance healing. This is the LEVEL 2 treatment in the Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT) family. This means that the reaction in the body can be twice as strong.  Not everyone is a candidate for this therapy as the inflammation can be too intense for some people to tolerate. Dr. ACE typically recommends beginning with 1-2 treatments of Prolotherapy to gauge your healing response, and in some instances will recommend PRP from the start. At Regenerate Health Medical Center, healing is about the patient and custom-tailored treatments are designed for better outcomes.

Is this a new fad or considered blood doping?

No, the use of platelets to stimulate healing has decades of research and clinical success. PRP was first used in humans during periodontal surgery to speed healing and reduce bleeding. PRP is a concentrated extract of platelets from your own blood. Red blood cells and most of the water are separated. Blood doping is the opposite, adding more red blood cells back into your blood for a competitive advantage in sports.
Regenerative Injection Therapy is a safe and effective non-surgical treatment for acute and chronic pain. Regenerative Injection Therapy works by stimulating the body to heal and repair itself. This treats the cause of the pain rather than merely providing symptomatic relief. This series of injections are quick and well tolerated.


  • Osteoarthritis
  • Degenerative Joint Disease
  • Tendonitis
  • Sports injuries
  • Sprains & Ligament injuries
  • Ligament Laxity, Joint instability & hyper mobility
  • Over-manipulation Syndrome
  • Low Back pain / Sciatica
  • Hip Pain – Arthritis, Bursitis, Labrum Lesions

  • Knee pain – Meniscal, ACL, MCL, LCL Tears
  • Chondromalacia Patella
  • Foot & Ankle Pain – Plantar Fasciitis, Sprains, Morton’s Neuroma
  • Neck Pain – Whiplash / Headache / Migraines
  • Rotator Cuff, Shoulder Pain & Glenoid Labrum Tears
  • Elbow Pain – Golfer’s & Tennis Elbow
  • Wrist Pain – Carpal Tunnel, Weak or sore wrists
  • Hand – Thumb & Finger Pain
  • TMJ


"I went to see Dr. ACE, because I had two bulged thoracic disks that keep getting re-injured every year; With her expertise, knowledge and use of very targeted machines, she not only broke the re-injured cycle, but in addition she customized a nutritional and exercise plan to improve my overall well-being. So I highly recommend Dr. ACE and Regenerate Health Medical Center, for all your medical, sport and nutrition needs.” - Jorge

"Dr Ace is truly brilliant - she is kind and knows her stuff! Thank you Dr Ace!” - Angela

"I can not recommend Dr. ACE and Regenerate more highly. She is a compassionate, thoughtful, passionate doctor who thinks strategically and is using cutting edge technology and research to get her patients truly better. I have a host of health issues including a chronic injury in my right hand, wrist and shoulder that I have struggled with for years. I have seen a lot of orthos, PT's chiro's, acupuncturist, etc. and some have helped but no one has been able to really break the cycle of pain I deal with, especially when I try and exercise. Dr. ACE is so knowledgable and knew exactly what to ask, what to check for and what to do. She created a comprehensive plan including diet, supplement recommendations, prolotherapy, voltage therapy and now personal training. In a few short weeks, I have seen actual results including less pain, increased strength (which I didn't think was possible) and for once, I have hope that I can recover from these injuries that have plagued me and kept me from getting stronger. I could not more highly recommend her for any medical issue you are facing.” - Amy

"I have been seeing Dr. ACE since February 2016 and she has been extremely proactive in finding out about my health issues. Dr. ACE has found out more about my health in less than two months than my regular doctors have in decades. She is very educated and dedicated in her field and is like a CSI figuring out why I'm having the life limiting symptoms I have been experiencing. If you want to understand and know what's going on with your body instead of the regular route of being sent home with a bunch of preventative medications I highly recommend a visit to Dr. ACE!” - Caroline

“After 1 prolotherapy treatment my ankle pain is 50% better. I should have come to Dr. ACE years ago when my tendonitis started! I’ll be referring everyone I know to Dr. ACE.” - Clint


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