Toxin-Free Living

We believe that one thing that should never be compromised is the health and happiness of you and your family. And that’s why our mission is to educate you about pure, safe, alternative choices that are easy to add to your daily routine.

Your skin is a carrier, not a barrier!

The daily personal care products you use may contain harmful ingredients that go through the skin and are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Our products contain:


  • NO Parabens
  • NO Phthalates
  • NO PEGs
  • NO SLS
  • NO “Fragrance”
  • NO Nitrosamines
  • NO Formaldehyde
  • NO Glycol
  • No Petroleum Byproducts
  • Superior ingredients
  • Produced in fresh, small-scale batches
  • Certified USDA Organic Facility
  • Three-step ingredient quality process
  • Ingredient source certification
  • Made in the USA
  • Gluten-free, Cruelty-free, non-GMO

Ready to choose a Toxin-Free Life?

Did you know?

The average US woman uses 12 personal care products and/or cosmetics a day containing 168 different chemicals, according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG). While most men use fewer products, they’re still exposed to about 85 chemicals daily. Teens, who use an average of 17 personal care products a day, are exposed to even more.

That Europe bans more than 1,370 toxic chemicals from their personal care products and the U.S. only bans 11?

“Safe,” “organic,” and “natural,” does not mean your products are free of toxic chemicals?

Your personal and home care products likely contain carcinogenic ingredients, neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors, and allergens that could be hazardous to your health?

That according to the President’s Cancer Panel, only 10% of cancer is genetic and 90% is caused by environmental factors?

We want to empower you to live the healthiest lifestyle possible.

Welcome to the most affordable, non-toxic line of products out there. We have everything to detoxify your home.


Ready to choose a Toxin-Free Life?

We wouldn’t trust our patients skin with anything but the best, and we choose purehaven.

We wouldn’t trust our patients skin with anything but the best, and we choose purehaven.