The “1 Thing” you haven’t tried to fix the digits on your weight scale ?

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Feeling Stuck Loosing Weight? Experiencing Weigh Loss Resistance? Tried Everything……

Or have you ?? ?

Did you know that over 30% of Americans are considered overweight? Seems like a high percentage, right? Weight loss and weight loss resistance is a common concern among the US population today. Why is this so?

To begin with, the food quality in the United States, the many toxins, the amount of stress we hold, our lifestyles and hormone imbalances are all contributing factors to weight gain and the inability to lose weight. The body detoxes daily on its own, but when the body can’t keep up with demands, toxins build up. The body then sequesters the toxins in fat tissue, so that they are not freely circulating in the blood and tissues. This is why people have difficulty losing weight, because the body doesn’t want to let the toxins free to roam the body. Kind of confusing, right?

Kind of confusing, right?

There is an idea about simple energy (weight) balance, which is that Energy In – Energy Out = Weight Gain, Loss or Maintenance. However it’s not that simple. When we eat, how we eat, what we eat, underlying health conditions, emotions/mood, etc. all influence how we digest, absorb, utilize energy and store fat.

So what does this all mean for you?          

What can you do to support your body’s ability to lose weight?

It is important to address the underlying cause of your weight gain. There are so many reasons for weight gain, as you saw above, thus it can be confusing to figure out which is the cause for you. But that is why Naturopathic Medical Doctors are here to help you! We can use your personal and family history, individual symptoms and lab testing to assess the cause for you in order to streamline your treatment protocol. Additionally, it is important to address inflammation, dietary habits, nutrient density and the following lifestyle factors that contribute to weight:

Proper Diet                                              

Exercise and sweating

Quality sleep

Stress reduction

Daily detox habits


Besides these lifestyle influences, another concept we can look at is lipotropic injections. Lipotropic means “fat-loving,” thus these injections can basically liquefy fats. What!? Lipotropic amino acids help to mobilize fat, provide fuel for energy and help suppress excess hunger. Sounds amazing!

At Regenerate Health Medical Center, we offer specific IVs, vitamin shots (Lean Body Shot) and dietary protocols to support your body in losing weight simply and effectively. If you’re ready to lose weight, feel more energetic, improve your sleep and reduce pain in your body, you’re looking in the right place! We help you find your optimal weight and work with you to empower you to live your best life.

To see if you or a friend qualifies for this incredible program call us today!



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