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Gifts for the “Health Freaks” on your list

Here is our holiday gift guide for the health freak in your family!

Are you looking for a holiday gift for your health-conscious sister, wife, friend, or co-worker?

We have you covered!

We are sharing a few of our favorite things that we actually use on a regular basis. We are not being paid to talk about these, but just feel like these are so great that we have to share with you guys! Let us know if you have tried these products and what you think! We hope you enjoy our holiday gift guide for that health freak in your life!!

Let us know if you have tried these products and what you think in the comments below! Happy shopping!!

Facial Products:


 Dr. Alioto:  Osmosis Clarify



I have acne-prone skin and this is the first serum that I have used that has cleared up my skin and made it really glow. This is a Vitamin A serum that helps to normalize oil production, improves skin detoxification, calms inflammation, accelerates the healing of active blemishes and restores the skin from scarring. I love Osmosis products because they use pure, clean ingredients. Their products come in small enough sizes so I can be sure that I am maintaining clear and soft skin anywhere I go!

*P.S. You can get this at Alani Skincare located inside our office!


 Dr. ACE: Vitamin C Serum


Does your skin ever feel rough or flaky? This product will be your new bestie if so! Vitamin C is one of the best anti-aging and antioxidant ingredients, helping my skin keep a smooth, even and glowing complexion! It’s hydrating, brightening, reduces redness and hyperpigmentation and is very healing to the skin! I use my serum daily.


 Dr. Alioto: Metagenics Ultra Flora


I can’t live without my probiotics. I have quite a sensitive intestinal system so I often have episodes of bloating, gurgling or irregular bowel movements. My probiotic keeps my gut healthy and moving while also supporting my immune system.



Dr. ACE: Colostrum



Concerned about gut health? Skin? Joints? We have you covered here!

Yes, colostrum is the first milk mommas make after a birth, but it has also been shown to be very healthy for adults! It reduces inflammation, supports good bacteria in the gut, promotes muscle and tissue healing and even strengthens immunity!

I love this product because it has so many benefits and is incredibly easy to take. Simply add a  scoop to your coffee and/or soup and you won’t even know it is there.

For The Kitchen:

 Dr. Alioto: Vitamix Blender


This one is a bit of a splurge, but is so worth it! You can use it to make so many different types of things from protein shakes to soups to riced cauliflower to making your own almond flour and almond butter! If a blender and food processor had a baby, this is what you would get! It is easy to use and to clean and it keeps my food choices healthy and affordable.


 Dr. Ace: Breville Milk Frother


I use my milk frother every day for my dairy-free cocoa or matcha! It’s quick in the mornings before getting to the gym or office and makes the best warm treats! That’s pretty much all you need to know!


Beauty Essentials:

 Dr. Alioto: Lush Shampoo Baror really anything from Lush


This is my most favorite thing as of late. First of all it is completely natural, so no toxins or exogenous estrogens absorbed into my body. Second, it makes my hair so soft, shiny, voluminous and tames and accentuates my curls. Third, it is easily portable so I can bring it to shower at the gym, on vacations or to my friend’s house! Be sure you look for one that’s best for your hair (ie. I have drier hair so I use one with oils in it). And look how pretty it is!


 Dr. Ace:  Dr. Haushka Eyeliner

I don’t know about you, but I am not one to splurge on eyeliner which is why this is such a great gift. This liner is $20-$22 each, so why spend the extra $10?

This liner isn’t made with any toxic ingredients, is a liquid liner (less chance for smudges am I right?!) and lasts longer.

Healthy Treaty: 

 Dr. Alioto: Theo Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

Organic, Vegan, Fair Trade and with only 5 healthy ingredients, I hardly feel guilty about eating a couple of squares of this gem! I prefer dark chocolate, not only for the many health benefits and antioxidants but also because it is rich in flavor and curbs any craving for other after-dinner snacks I may get. This sweet and salty combo is the perfect ending to a delicious and healthy meal. Plus, they have seasonal flavors too, like Gingerbread Spice and Peppermint Crunch!



Dr. ACE:  Rau Super Cacao Elixir Dark Original


This is my favorite treat! With 0 grams of sugar, no dairy and full of antioxidants, this is the best creamy and delicious thing I can get my hands on! It feels like a dessert and yet it’s healthy and gives me just the right amount of energy to get through the day feeling happy and well! The perfect healthy treat for your family this holiday season (or really all year round)!

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