Greg’s Story

Name: Greg Bell

What pain or discomfort were you experiencing prior to treatment? What limitations was your pain creating? What did your pain stop you from doing?

I was living with shooting pain down both legs, and extreme tightness and stiffness in my lower back. Due to this pain and stiffness, I am limited in my ability to workout properly, thus my weight gain. And with the weight gain, I am developing a list of other health problems. I am a runner by trade (runningback). I can no longer take the runs or jogs of my past career, plus my overall health is being effected.

What other treatment options had been recommended to you previously and how well did they work if you did them?

My level of pain was 9.8 out of 10. Not only did I have the original pain in my lower back and pain shooting down my right leg, now I was getting pain shooting down my left leg. Due mainly to being out of shape, and 55 pounds over my NFL playing weight. Because of the back pain, I can’t work out as I used too. My strength in my legs has weakened, and my overall health is beginning to diminish as well. Not to mention, over my eight-year NFL career, I had taken too many anti-inflammatories and pain-killers to the point that I had developed a bleeding ulcer. So, today my only remedy for pain, is Tylenol and ice. Outside of those two, I live with it.

Had you received Regenerative Medicine at another clinic before? If so, what were your results and how did our approach differ? (i.e. pre-treatment & post-treatment protocol, other factors)

No, I actually met a young lady on a flight to Tanzania, who is the owner of the regenerative medical center in Portland, Oregon. She and her husband are both former orthopedic surgeons, and due to a car accident that she had and multiple surgeries, drugs, and treatments that had all failed, she began looking into different remedies to help her in her recovery. She said once she found stem cell treatments, she was sold on it. Not to mention, while in Tanzania with 6 present NFL players, I discussed how they dealt with pain in today’s game, and believe it or not, all of them had been using stem cell treatments.

What results did you achieve through our Regenerative Medicine Program?

First, my number one goal was to eliminate pain in my lower back or lessen the pain that I was living with. At this point, 3 weeks into the process I’m super satisfied. Not only has the pain lessened, but I actually have been pain-free since the Medicinal Signaling Cell was injected into my lower back.
Would you recommend Dr ACE & Regenerate Health Medical Center? If so, why?
I would highly recommend Dr. ACE and Regenerate Health Medical Center. So far it’s been a lifesaver.
Dr. ACE works with you to achieve your individualized goals through targeted, proven and scientifically based nutritional protocols.
Dr. ACE works with you to achieve your individualized goals through targeted, proven and scientifically based nutritional protocols.

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