Ozone Therapy

Dealing with bacterial or viral infections? Achey joints? Want to boost your performance? Beyond being a protective layer in our stratosphere that protects life on earth from harmful UV radiation, Ozone is a reactive form of oxygen (O3) that has been used in medicine for decades, across both Europe and the US to induce the body’s natural healing response.

Ozone Therapy can be applied in several ways:

  • INFECTIOUS DISEASE: Ozone stimulates the immune system and has strong antimicrobial properties thereby fighting viruses, bacteria and fungus. Powerful in chronic infections such as Lyme, EBV, Mycoplasma, Eetc.
  • CIRCULATION and METABOLISM: Ozone stimulates local circulation and growth factor production while reducing damage from free radicals that contributes to aging, ongoing chronic pain cycles and chronic disease. The oxygenation of tissues decreases the ischemia seen in cardiovascular disease and aides in athletic performance.
  • PAIN MANAGEMENT: Ozone initiates the release of growth factors that stimulate the natural healing processes of the body that help to regenerate damaged joints, ligaments and tendons. Through its action on pain receptors, Ozone can dramatically reduce or even eliminate many cases of chronic pain.


  • Prolozone – injection of ozone into and around joints that experience acute and chronic pain have been shown to oxygenate and stimulate repair of joints, ligaments and tendons. This may be done in conjunction with other Regenerative Injection Therapies  to maximize pain relief.
  • Autohemotherapy – an IV infusion consisting of a small portion of your own blood that has been mixed with ozone.  It is then returned back directly to the bloodstream. Ozone has incredible blood cleansing properties against infection from bacteria, virus, and fungus/yeast.  Since ozone is an oxygen product, the effects on the cardiovascular system are profound.
  • Colonic Insufflation – ozone delivered directly to the colon with its highly vascularized surface is a potent treatment for microbial overgrowth, inflammation, irritation and chronic disease.

Ozone treatments are most powerful when done in a series, as it takes multiple treatments for the body to heal. Your treatment plan will be customized for you by our Naturopathic Doctors, based off of your current symptoms, health goals and laboratory findings.

Dr. ACE works with you to achieve better health through proven naturopathic techniques.
Dr. ACE works with you to achieve better health through proven naturopathic techniques.

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