Anti Aging Program 

Santa Barbara Anti Aging Program

What is Aging?

Santa Barbara Anti Aging Program Before and After

From the moment we are born, our bodies are aging. Statistically, we may be living longer, but research also indicates that we are not aging with grace. Stress, poor diets, sedentary lifestyles, and toxicity are just a few of the things impacting how well we grow old.

Statistics show that a mere 12 percent of U.S. adults are metabolically healthy. The daily choices we make significantly influence how fast we age — modifying our health-span versus lifespan. What does that mean?

Lifespan: Defined as the length of time for which you live. Lifespan is measured by your chronological age or age in years.

Health-span: Defined as the period of your life spent in good health. Biological age (as determined by various clinical biomarkers) is a predictor of your health-span.

The time has come to implement a process for aging healthfully — and reject the health declines we’ve mistakenly come to perceive as inevitable.

Santa Barbara Anti Aging Program Before and After

Aging Begins in the Cells

Anti Aging Program includes: 


3 month Bio-Age Reset Supplementation Protocol

Weekly IV nutrient therapy to support each phase on your anti-aging journey

During this program add on your desired anti-aging treatments with VIP pricing:

NAD Regenerating IV Therapies

PRP Regenerating Facial

PRP Hair Restoration

Peptide Therapy (inquire for available options)

Bio-Age Reset Protocol

This comprehensive supplementation system takes you step by step through deep, cellular detoxification, metabolic recalibration, and mitochondrial and cellular optimization – all vital facets to longevity.

1st Phase of Age Optimization

The first protocol is designed to optimally support your body’s detoxification pathways and toxic burden while setting the stage for resilient health.


2nd Phase of Age Optimization

Activate protocol activates biochemical pathways that support a healthy and flexible metabolism, help increase levels of the foundational longevity molecule NAD+, and support cellular and organelle membrane function—all essential aspects of healthy aging.


3rd Phase of Age Optimization

The third protocol helps take mitochondria and your energy levels to new heights. Defy your age with more resilient, revitalized mitochondria by optimizing metabolism through AMPK activation and NAD+ generation, and nourishing your cells and cell membranes with foundational nutrients.

You’ll also experience the power of targeted IV therapy to get key nutrients into your system to maximize the longevity potential of each phase of the 3 month program.
Whether you’re a seasoned patient of ours or have not yet been to our office, this program is designed for all to benefit.

Benefits of the Anti-Aging Program:


Rewinding aging on the cellular level


Increasing levels of the longevity molecule NAD+ & supporting cell membrane health


Defying age with more resilient, revitalized mitochondria & energy nourishing your cells and cell membranes with foundational nutrients


Optimally support detox pathways and removing toxins


Supporting healthy and flexible metabolism


Easy to follow kickstart program to leaving you empowered on your longevity journey

Beauty is a side effect of being healthy inside and out. You will be amazed what can be achieved when working WITH the body to enhance beauty, improve detoxification and protect your body from harmful toxins and stress.

Our patients benefit from this kickstart Anti Aging Program which can be accompanied or followed by more in depth therapies or done as a stand alone 3 month gift to yourself, inside and out.


This program is available to Regenerate Health Medical Center established patients as well as those new to clinic. Contact us to get started on your Anti Aging Kickstart!

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