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Innovative, natural health solution that helps you resolve the underlying causes of  health problems, giving you freedom & hope for a better future. Are you ready to take control of your health now?

Want To Regenerate Your Health Sustainably?

We invite you to revolutionize your concept of healthcare. Let’s start with two basic propositions: that you are designed to be healthy and well and that the future of your health can be drastically changed by the decisions you make today. By working with our dedicated team whose aim is to uncover the root causes of your symptoms and address them at the source, you can experience remarkable, life-changing results that reverse and often eliminate health problems that have plagued you for years.

Unlike the modern practice of medicine, which aims to minimize or eliminate symptoms through continual medications and life-long treatments, we use proven, natural methods that build your body back to optimal health. We practice comprehensive, revolutionary strategies that deliver true benefits and provide hope for a healthier future. You have the opportunity to experience freedom in your health and feel empowered to create a better future for your life, health, and family.

We are Regenerate Health. Welcome to the Foundations Program.

What Is the Regenerate Health Foundations Program?

The Foundations Program is our scientifically-backed health and wellness program with cutting-edge methodologies from the field of functional health. With proven clinical success, this delivers remarkable results to people whose health has deteriorated and offers powerful and sustainable results for individuals battling poor health. You’ll create the foundations of health to begin reversing chronic disease with this comprehensive health and lifestyle protocol. Combining specialized nutritional and fitness regimens, industry-leading nutraceutical supplements designed to restore and repair organ function, personalized consultations & coaching with our team, and strategic whole-body detoxification, our programs offer effective, natural methods for improving health – all designed with the individual in mind.

Together, these proven health strategies will enable you to radically improve your health and restore normal function to your body, often completely resolving the underlying causes of your health problems. All this by utilizing natural, proven methods for you to rebuild health sustainably.

The Foundations Program gives you all of the tools needed to reclaim your life and health. By following the simple steps and committing to the process, you can change your life forever.

You Recognize There is a Problem

  • Despite being more medicated than ever before, you keep getting sicker and sicker.
  • You are overprescribed medications that only suppress your symptom(s), instead of treating the root cause.
  • You expect doctors to fix you and insurance companies to pay for it.
  • The reality is insurance may pay for more and more medications, while your health continues to decline.
  • You have to be willing to invest in your health, because insurance doesn’t pay for what it takes to resolve the underlying cause of your health issues.


Finally You’ve Found Your Solution

  • Take control of your health by focusing on what influences your health: nutrition, exercise, organ function, stress, etc.
  • Focus on the root cause to eventually eliminate symptoms by achieving health, not masking symptoms.
  • Address your body as a whole in a step-by-step manner.
  • Learn what lasting change looks like, with mentoring through the process to ensure success


Address The Four Foundations Of Health

  • One: Repair the damage that has already been done by implementing strategic lifestyle changes, and using very specialized nutraceutical supplements that are designed to repair your gut and liver and help them to function, gently detoxifying your system from years of buildup.
  • Two: Learn how to create the health you want for yourself and what specific action steps to take
  • Three: Learn how to exercise the right way so you can achieve better results then you’ve ever had before.
  • Four: Learn how to manage your stress, so it doesn’t continue to wreck havoc on your health!

Key Benefits


Rewind chronic disease and dysfunction


Cutting edge therapies to ensure your success


Life changing education, support & accountability


All inclusive step-by-step care


Finally achieve the healthy life you’ve always wanted


No guess work. Finally something you can stick to that works!

Life Changing Experiences

Many individuals’ lives have been transformed by our innovate health programs.
What will your story of transformation be?


DaAnne S.


“Has it been worth it? ABSOLUTELY. I now have more energy, I no longer have trouble shutting down my brain at night and I go to sleep right away. I just feel better overall and I love this new lifestyle. My cholesterol has been steadily going down and my glucose is in the normal range. During the past six months I have been laying a foundation that will serve me well for the rest of my life.”


Maria D.


“Since starting the Foundations Program, I have gained 5 pounds of muscle!! I can move my arm and my knee feels tons better!!! Feeling stronger overall. I’m now paying attention to my behaviors and have learned to feed my body.”


Timothy D.


“I’ve lost a lot of weight (40 plus lbs), and learned a ton about food through improving my understanding of what and how to eat and avoiding unhealthy foods. This program is very effective!! After completing this program, I feel good about myself and the direction I’m going.”