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Becoming a patient of Regenerate Health

Regenerate Health Discovery Call:

(Complimentary 15 minute phone call)

Naturopathic Medicine is a medical specialty that involves finding the causes of your health concerns and offering you, the patient, choices in your healthcare options.

The intention of the Discovery Call is to provide you with information and support as you begin your Personalized Health journey. You will gain insight about your health road map and know if working with us is right for you. You’ll have all the information necessary to set you up for success.

Our Discovery Call was born out of our belief that knowledge is power. We support you in understanding your healthcare options, and empowering you to chose the best care for you and your family.

This program is a complimentary service that all patients are provided with before beginning care. We’d like the opportunity to answer any questions you may have and to explain the Regenerate Health approach.

Part 1: Initial Appointment

Initial Appointment: (90 minutes)

The intention of this appointment is to gather a tremendous amount of accurate and in-depth information on how your body is currently functioning.

Your Initial Appointment is an extremely in-depth and thorough visit. During this appointment you and your Naturopathic doctor will work together to establish your health goals, address specific challenges you’re experiencing and determine what specialized lab tests to run. Gathering information in this way will allow us to see the full picture of your body’s state of health so that we can create your Personalized Health Plan.

*Additional treatment may be necessary during the first visit if you are in pain. At RHMC we don’t let pain get in your way!

Part 2: Lab Test Findings & Personalized Health Plan

Lab Test Findings & Personalized Health Plan: (45 minutes minimum)

The intention of this appointment is to have you understand exactly how your body has been functioning and present you with your Personalized Health Plan.

Your Lab Test Findings & Personalized Health Plan Appointment is a very eye-opening and empowering visit with two very important components to it. In the beginning of your visit, the doctor will review in detail all of the findings from the specialty lab tests that were run so that you understand exactly what is going on inside of your body. Then your Naturopathic Doctor will explain how each of these results has been playing a role in the complete picture of your body’s current health.

In the next part of your visit, based on your lab results and health goals, your doctor will present you with options for your treatment, and together you will formulate your Personalized Health Plan. Your Health Plan has been built to address the individual needs of your body, so together you and your doctor will have a road map that will successfully guide you to excellent health.

Billing and Insurance:

HSA or Medical Savings Accounts: The consultations and procedures we provide are covered by these account types and our credit card system will process them. Double check your policy and feel free to use your pre-tax income to pay for your care and save 15% or more.

Insurance? Our healthcare system in the United States is based on an illness/disease model that pays when people are sick. There are few programs that pay for, or reimburse for, wellness related holistic health care. Our staff are all licensed health care providers and we can always provide you with a fully coded insurance superbill. We have many patients who have received partial or full reimbursement. However, we do not accept insurance or submit claims. If you are interested in exploring insurance reimbursement, we suggest that you discuss Naturopathic Medical Care with your insurance to see what their reimbursement percentage is for out of network providers.

What are your health and wellbeing worth to you? What does pain and disfunction cost you? Our patients are finding clear paths to improved function and wellbeing by investing in their health at Regenerate Health Medical Center. Our mission is Partnering with people to raise their health through Personalized Natural Medicine. Empowering them to perform at the highest level possible in the areas of life that matter most.

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