Care Programs

Our mission is too EMPOWER OUR PATIENTS to create the health they’ve always wanted. ⁠That’s why we developed our “Care Programs” to offer our patients the maximum benefits for a convenient and cost-effective investment in their health.⁠

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We find that patients who commit to the process, achieve the health results they want. Knowing upfront what your care involves, allows you to plan ahead and focus on the Health Road Map recommended by your highly skilled Doctors – so you can create your best and healthiest year ahead, knowing you’re not just on your way to freedom from pain and disease but actively creating amazing health.

Health does not mean the absence of symptoms, because you can feel fine and have a major medical event, such as a heart attack or stroke, the next day.⁠ 

RHMC’s Care Programs are designed to not only resolve any symptoms you may be experiencing, but get you to a point where you are feeling great and are able to maintain optimal health. This allows you to take responsibility for guiding your health and wellness on a positive path, knowing that your choices do matter. Ultimately it’s up to you to create your health. Our Doctors will show you and educate you as to how.

Whether you are an incoming New Patient or Existing Patient, a number of Care Programs are available to you so your specific individual needs can be met, based on where you’re at on your individual health journey and the intensity of care needed.

We believe in having a Doctor on your team year round to assist you in creating and maintaining amazing health. Investing in your long-term health, gives you access to a team that is dedicated to you like family.⁠ Do you want to feel your best ever, knowing you’re addressing the underlying causes of symptoms, so you can easily maintain optimal health?


Five Seasons of Health

  • Designed as a supplement to your primary care medical care plan
  • Consistent and convenient seasonal visits with your Naturopathic Medical Doctor
  • A health roadmap designed just for you and your needs
  • Three percent (3%) discount on supplements to reward your commitment

Performance Care Comprehensive

  • In depth and comprehensive care, checking in with your NMD every 6-8 weeks to ensure progress is made to eliminate your symptoms and restore the health you want
  • Discounted functional lab coordination
  • Keep your energy up with complimentary vitamin shots
  • Ten Percent (10%) discount on supplements and select recommended treatments

Elite Care Comprehensive

  • All benefits of Performance Care
  • Unlimited access to your Doctor to ensure your every need is met
  • Give your immune system a boost with complimentary monthly nutrient IV’s
  • Fifteen percent (15%) discount on select recommended treatments
  • Ten percent (10%) discount on supplements with the convenience of online shopping when needed
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Five Seasons of Health Program

What is the Five Seasons of Health?

Our Five Seasons of Health program is designed as a supplement to your primary care medical care plan. Having a Naturopathic Medical Doctor on board can give you the peace of mind that you are working with someone you can trust, ensuring you get the information you need to empower your health through each changing season. We guarantee our Doctors will take an in-depth and natural approach to your health concerns and that your questions and concerns will be addressed with compassion and care that is often lacking in primary healthcare today.

* Five Seasons discount on supplements includes both those purchased in office and through our online medicinary. 

Programs are non-refundable. See Care Programs Terms & Conditions for full details.

Comprehensive Care Program

What is the Comprehensive Care Program?

We developed our comprehensive care program to provide our patients a convenient and sustainable way to invest in their health. This program was designed for those who are looking to optimize their health and/or dig into the CAUSES of their symptoms, to achieve powerful and lasting results.

Your commitment to this program ensures that you have a Naturopathic Medical Doctor on board throughout the year, along with a dedicated team of professionals, who provide you a roadmap to success, keeping you out of pain and feeling empowered.

* Treatments include IV Nutrient Therapy, Vitamin Shots & PEMF Therapy.

** Entails unlimited 15min Acute Visits, to be scheduled as desired during clinic hours. These do not take the place of your allotted follow up visits and cannot be combined to form longer visits.

Each comprehensive care program includes a 10% discount on all supplements purchased in office and through our online medicinary.

Programs are non-refundable. See Care Programs Terms & Conditions for full details.

At Regenerate Health, we believe in having a doctor on your team year round. By investing in your long-term health, you are joining a team that is dedicated to you like family.

At Regenerate Health, we believe in having a doctor on your team year round. By investing in your long-term health, you are joining a team that is dedicated to you like family.