Family Medicine

Is your child dealing with skin concerns, low energy levels/fatigue, injury, disturbed sleep, digestive complaints, weight management, hormone and mood imbalances, anxiety, autoimmune disease, allergies, stress or nutrient deficiencies? You’ve found your solution.

Your Santa Barbara Family Medicine Specialist

At Regenerate Health Medical Center, Dr. Rachel Alioto works with families who want to lead their healthiest lives. Your care focuses on the root cause of illness in order to educate, heal and prevent both acute and chronic conditions. At Regenerate Health, you will be met with passion to inspire you and your children to break through the symptoms that have been plaguing you for so long.

You will be supported with a comprehensive history, diagnostic lab testing as needed and an individualized treatment plan that uses safe, natural medicines and lifestyle changes to optimize your entire body from the inside and out.

Your children and teens can benefit from comprehensive naturopathic care for a variety of health conditions. Your care will add to and support your primary care doctor by providing additional assessment and investigation of underlying nutritional, digestive, allergic, or genetic issues that can directly contribute to health problems and providing you solutions tailored to your needs.

Here are common health concerns that Dr. Alioto, our family medicine specialist, can assist your child or teen with:




Behavior Disorders


Digestion Complaints including constipation, loose stools, gas/bloating


Vax Protect: An individualized pre and post vaccination treatment protocol to detox from vaccines and protect the immune and nervous systems




Frequent Illnesses/Poor Recovery from Illnesses


Natural therapy for common infections: colds, ear infections, cough

Santa Barbara Teen Health

Care at Regenerate Health is an ideal option for your teen. Dr. Alioto focuses on education, prevention and individualized treatment plans to meet the needs of your teens’ unique experiences and symptoms. We spend the necessary time, truly listen and get to the bottom of their concerns. Your teen will feel safe and heard.

For teens, taking responsibility for their health at a young age empowers them to lead a healthy life into adulthood. Dr. Alioto will help your teen learn how to make healthy choices, identify triggers for specific symptoms and understand how their body works.

If your child is dealing with skin concerns, low energy levels/fatigue, performance issues or injury, disturbed sleep, digestive complaints, weight management, hormone and mood imbalances, anxiety, autoimmune disease, allergies, stress, nutrient deficiency or has questions about personal growth and development, you’ve found your solution.

The following tests, in addition to others, are often recommended for your children and teens:

  •       Stool testing
  •       Food Allergy testing
  •       Microbial/infection screening
  •       Organic Acid/Nutrient Level Testing
  •       Genetic variant testing, ie. MTHFR

Have questions? Ready to take your no risk next step?

From infants to teens, Dr. Alioto works with you to achieve your child’s individualized goals through natural, targeted, and proven protocols.

From immune challenged patients to professional athletes, Dr. ACE will work with you to achieve your individualized goals through targeted, proven and scientifically based nutritional protocols.