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Juice Ranch

You know that greens are good for you - but do you struggle to get them in in your diet?

 We know, collard green don’t really taste all that good… We love that Juice Ranch uses only organic ingredients and cold press al their juice to bring you the highest concentration of nutrient dense juice for you to sip and enjoy!

The mission of Tech Wellness is to empower you to live a more healthy, safe, secure and...

…balanced relationship with digital technology. They have compiled together the best, most stylish and safest products on the market, as well as the best science backed research available about how to live a toxin free life! If you’re concerned about the harmful effects of EMF being emitted from our devices 24/7, or what it means to live a truly toxin free life, yet still enjoy the conveniences we enjoy today, then Tech Wellness is your one stop shop!

For so many of our patients their missing link in creating health is a strong body with healthy muscle! There are so many health benefits including...

…weight loss, hormones, mood, sleep, etc! Most people lack a sustainable way to build muscle and to achieve healthy body composition and stay consistent. A complete fitness, nutrition and lifestyle program designed to keep you progressing, sustainably, for years! Head Coach and Founder, David Downey believes that every individual is unique, and that your fitness program should be designed specifically for you. The beauty of working with Regenerate Strength is that you decide what health and fitness results you want to create for yourself and your coach will get you there.

Paleo On The Go

One of our favorite solutions for busy people who need fast solutions without compromising on quality ingredients or taste...

POTG has been a life saver for many people with food sensitivities (autoimmune, gluten, etc..) We love them as they understand the growing need for quality food that can be prepared quickly whilst give you piece of mind that what you’re consuming will nourish you. 

Safe Living Technologies

We recommend Safe Living Technologies to source EMF (Electromagnetic Field) and RF (radio frequency) meters as well as...

…mitigation technologies to create a healthy low EMF home. Most homes now a day have extreme levels of EMF toxicity, ,which science has shown to cause adverse health effects like cancers and other chronic diseases as well as more minor headaches, fatigue, etc. Living in a healthy home is essential for our patients to recharge and mitigate the toxic effects of environments outside the home they can’t control. We live in a high tech high frequency world, and our bodies aren’t prepared for it.

Click the link below for our recommended RF meter that is easy to use to understand your current exposure!

Alani Skin Care

Want to treat your skin to pampering without toxic chemicals and fillers? The amazing estheticians use...

…Osmosis Skincare, a physical approved line, to keep your skin glowing, happy and healthy! We love supporting our local community and businesses and are so pleased at the results we see for our patients. You might even find us coming out of the office as you go in for your appointment!

Casitas Valley Pastures

Meat is NOT all made equal. Factory farm, industrial raised meat contains...

…antibiotics, hormones and toxins that we don’t recommend eating or putting into the environment and cause a hole slew of adverse health effects from high cholesterol to hormone disruption. Casitas Valley Pastures is dedicated to producing beyond organic healthy happy pork, turkey, chicken, duck, guinea fowl, geese, and eggs for the local community. Meat and egg products adhere to these standards: cage free, cruelty free, pasture raised, non-GMO, no antibiotics, free range, sustainable farming practices, and small scale. We are so incredibly grateful to have this amazing farm in our community to supply us with healthy and delicious meat. You’ll find him at the local Farmer’s Markets in Santa Barbara smiling while they provide us with unparalleled quality meats!

Green Wave Filters

We recommend Greenwave Filters to our patients to decrease the ‘dirty electricity’, or the

…variations – spikes and surges – in the voltage and frequency in electrical circuitry. This dirty electricity disrupts our body’s electrical charge and is a known contributor to oxidative stress and toxicity on the body. Dirty electricity is found in most homes, business, etc, wherever there is electricity and the higher the levels the more problematic for our health. You can test dirty electricity, apply filters, and retest to make sure you’ve mitigated the problem!

Mariposa Health

Colon hydrotherapy is the hygienic cleansing of...

…the large intestine, the last part of our digestive tract. We recommend colon hydrotherapy to a lot of our patients with mold illness, digestive issues, depression, heavy metal and other detoxification protocols, etc as it’s such a great way to aide to body in eliminating toxins! Sandra is kind, supportive, gentle and experienced and we trust her with our patients and ourselves! Dr. ACE and Dave both cleanse their colons as part of their health plans too.Happy colon cleansing RHMC community!

Vegan Mario's

We love Vegan Mario’s gluten Free Bread. Many of our patients and even our staff are...

…gluten free, but not necessarily grain free. Having healthy gluten-free bread is such a treat but unfortunately what grocery stores carry is shelf stable and contains way to many ingredients, and is way too processed 🙁

Vegan Mario’s is vegan, GF, organic and made with quality ingredients. You won’t find any gums, seaweeds, oils or instant yeasts in their breads. Their breads and pastries are naturally fermented for a minimum of 12 hours using only wild “sourdough” yeast as a leavening agent. We highly recommend the Quinoa Loaf, it’s delicious! And, they ship to you! We buy loaves in bulk and freeze for later enjoyment.

EMF Kill Switch

Don’t you want your bedroom to be a safe haven for you to relax, unwind and recharge?

 We sure do! EMF kill switch allow you to decide which electrical circuits in your house you want to turn off so you can sleep in a electricity-free space to allow your nervous system to recharge. Our bodies have electrical voltage all the time but the added electrical voltage from the constant electricity disrupts our body’s function and contributes to disease. We highly recommend this for our committed patients who want to make health a priory and sleep in the healthier environment possible.

Lymphatic Therapy Santa Barbara

Lymphatic Therapy is an amazing tool to decongest the lymphatic system (our body’s sewer system), aide detoxification, support breast health...

…and the immune system, and promote relaxation. Too often our patients are trained to screen for problems and wait to take any action to improve their health until major symptoms have started. We believe in taking a proactive approach to our health and supporting the body’s ability to detox and keep us health. Especially to maintain breast health, lymphatic therapy is key! We love Brenda of Lymphatic Therapy Santa Barbara wiht her caring heart and gentle touch.

Smart Meter Guard

We recommend Smart Meter Guard to cover your smart meter or...

…put your wifi router in a faraday cage to decrease the harmful Radio Frequencies these types of technologies emit. We live in a world increasingly polluted by radio frequencies because we can’t see or feel them. Science shows they are harmful for our health, but the regulatory agencies have not yet caught up with the science, despite over 25 years of published research.
We have it on our smart meter at home, and it works!

ReGenesis 360

The good folks at ReGenesis360 share our mindset of proactively creating your life and your health.

They achieve sustainable, measurable; and life-changing results—using breakthrough “bio-hacking” technologies, customized modalities, and evidence-based protocols. We love when our patients use their therapies and experience overall improvements in cellular regeneration, energy and mental acuity, sleep and body composition, muscular strength and cardiovascular health, bone density, sexual health and skin even tone while also experiencing a significant decrease in the risk of age-related disease.

Tru 47

Need to wear a mask and want to minimize the harmful effects on your body?

We recommend the Silver Mesh Masks made of the highest quality 99.99% pure ionically bathed silver since is scientifically proven to be a powerful anti-microbial.
Dr. ACE works with you to achieve your individualized goals through targeted, proven and scientifically based protocols.
Dr. ACE works with you to achieve your individualized goals through targeted, proven and scientifically based protocols.

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