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Regenerate Health is a Naturopathic Medical Center that focuses on personalized naturopathic medicine, regenerative injection therapies, medically supervised weight loss and fitness.

We offer patient centered, comprehensive treatment programs to help healthy-minded people overcome pain, optimize their healing potential and be in control of their health.  Our full range of cost-efficient services are aimed at quickly and effectively returning people to their active lives.

RHMC specializes in natural and non-invasive treatments to help you increase your performance, health and wellbeing. Our mission is to provide personalized, high-quality care to our patients to achieve optimal wellness and a pain-free lifestyle.

Get out of pain by increasing function

What is Regenerative Injection Therapy? (prolotherpy, PRP, somatic cell, ozone...)

Regenerative Injections Therapies are a type of therapy involving the injection of numbing, nutritive, and anti-inflammatory agents into the injured or painful site to stimulate the body’s natural healing process. This strengthens the structures to improve function and reduce pain. Prolotherapy, PRP, ProlOzone and Somatic Cells are the specific treatments. The doctor will be able to advise which therapy is most appropriate for your case.

How does Regenerative Medicine work?

By injecting the local anesthesia injured cell membranes are re-polarized to reduce pain and improve circulation. Locally inflammatory solutions re-activate the body’s acute injury response to heal the injury/joint/ tissues as if it the damage just occured and nutrients provide raw materials for local repair. PRP can be added to support proliferation and stem cell activation. Stem cell injection locally delivers the basic builing blocks of new tisues to accelerate healing. Oxygen or Ozone stimulates local circulation and growth factor production while reducing damage from free radicals that contributes to ongoing chronic pain cycles and chronic disease.

Is the injection therapy painful?

Most patients tolerate the procedure well with just local anesthesia. We have 3 levels of anaesthesia available and the doctor will discuss the options in your case. Some prefer no pre-anesthetic treatment. The treatment may result in some discomfort, which can be reduced with pain relievers such as Traumeel or Tylenol post treatment.

When can I go back to my normal daily activities after a treatment?

In order to maximize the befeit from therapy it is recommended to avoid activity for 2-3 days during the initial healing phase and a gradual return to pre-ijection activity level and more depending on your individual progress. Some strenuous activities will need to be stopped or modified for up to two weeks after injections to give the repaired tissue a chance to mature.

Are injections safe? How effective are they?

They are safe when administered by a properly trained and licensed injection therapist. The risks are similar to conventional joint injections and the most important thing to avoid is infection. Our doctor takes evey precaution and will advise you as to your pre and post operation care.


The rate of success depends on multiple factors, including patients other medical conditions, ability to heal, age, nutritional status, and personal care following treatment. That is why we have a pre-injection phase of care to optimixe your body’s ability to respond to the injection, which acts as the catalyst for healing. We have seen multiple patients be able to avoid surgery, chronic pain resolve and function be restored. These therapies do involve active participation in the healing process and are not a magic bullet quick fix.

How are RITs different from steroid injections?

Steroids produce temporary pain relief and inhibit the body’s natural healing mechanism. In the long run, steroids cause tissue degeneration, joint and ligament laxity and multiple other adverse effects. Regenerative injection therapy does just the opposite – it stimulate healing, stability and tissue repair thereby decreaseing pain with minimal side effects.

Are RITs covered by my insurance?

Typically there is no coverage for this service. All injection therapies can be applied towards insurance deductible and all fees for care can be paid using a flexible spending or HSA account. We aim to get you lasting results and are committed to you being pain free!

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