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Naturopathic Cancer Support

Cancer is a very complicated disease process that carries with it a lot of questions and concerns. Having a supportive, knowledgeable doctor on your team to help guide you through the process is a key part to your success in recovery. Modern treatments are very harsh on the body and require a solid plan to help it recover from them. Working with a Naturopathic Doctor, who specializes in Natuopathic Cancer Support, is your best defense to reduce the possibility of relapse. You can do this.

Your Santa Barbara Naturopathic Cancer Support Specialist

What is Naturopathic Cancer Support?

At Regenerate Health Medical Center, we understand the value of an integrated and collaborative approach to cancer care. Dr. Alioto, our Naturopathic Cancer Support Specialist, helps in maximizing your health and providing support throughout the cancer care process. Whether you’re interested in cancer care before, during or after your oncology treatment, Dr. Alioto will support and assess your health to keep your body healthy during treatments and/or in remission. You will be met with an understanding of standard treatments utilized by medical oncologists and an in depth knowledge of natural and adjunctive options that have no interactions with your current treatment plan, which are evidence-based and can improve your quality of life.

Dr. Alioto works with you to support the therapies and protocols employed by oncologists and determine what other options are available to you, so that you can take an active role in your care. You will find support as she helps to prime your body before the treatment(s), support the body in recovery post treatment(s),  minimize side effects of treatments and help you understand how to keep you free of cancer for years to come.

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Your Choice

Do you want a Doctor who gives YOU options in your care? It doesn’t have to be “conventional” OR “holistic”, we put YOU in the driver’s seat of your healthcare and blend conventional and natural treatments that work for you.


Effective Care

RHMC’s Santa Barbara Naturopathic Doctors are committed to positively changing the way you experience working with health care professionals. Getting you results is our top priority. You’ ll experience healthcare on a whole new level.


How can Naturopathic Cancer Support help me?

Cancer is a very challenging diagnosis and most treatment options have a high level of toxicity and risk associated with them. Having a supportive naturopathic Doctor on your team to build your body up can dramatically improve your quality of life and decrease adverse events. Dr. Alioto will empower you to make educated decisions about your treatment options and help to simplify your diagnosis. Cancer is largely environmentally induced and as such there are a wide array of underlying causes that will be determined via history, physical exams, lab tests and imaging. You will be supported to relieve stress and confusion while aiding your body in reducing pain and increasing function throughout the entire process of treatments. You will receive a personalized treatment plan that may include dietary changes, botanical medicine, multi-nutrient IV therapy, emotional support and at home therapies.



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Improve quality of life with expert guidance and multiple in-depth options for cancer support

Improve quality of life with expert guidance and multiple in-depth options for cancer support

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