Targeted Supplementation

Want to upgrade your body’s ability to perform? Nutrient deficiencies are associated with disease, dysfunction and low performance. Targeted Supplementation is specifically designed for your needs.

Lifestyle is paramount to your health

The foundation of your health begins with quality nutrition, healthy movement, pure hydrating water, emotional expression and healthy relationships. Life isn’t always easy though. Who do you know that pushes themselves really hard? Maybe you’re a single mom with 3 children. Maybe you’re an avid athlete demanding high level performance from your body. Maybe you’re a high level executive who travels internationally for work every week. Maybe you have a chronic autoimmune disease that constantly affects you…. All these people, ourselves included, have stress in their lives.

Stress comes in many forms, emotional, physical, chemical, illness, inflammation, etc. The more stressors we have in ours lives, the more support our bodies need.

About supplementation

Supplementation, whether it’s vitamins and minerals, herbs, hormones, etc. support our biochemistry and upgrades our ability to perform. At RHMC we use targeted supplementation to support your health. Whether that’s treating the difficult symptoms of an autoimmune disease or sickness boosting your athletic performance or anything in between.

Recently, more advances in the world of genetics has shown that many of us have genetic variants that alter our biochemistry in a way that necessitates more support. MTHFR genetic variants are amongst the most commonly diagnosed today.

Think about supplementation support this way…

Your body can only work as efficiently as the fuel is has to run the engines. 

Here’s an analogy. Say you have 6 trucks carrying trailers at max capacity. Now, with a genetic variant, only 3 of those trucks actually work. Now you have 3 trucks trying to pull 2 trailers each…. those trucks are going to be slow, fuel inefficient and may not even get the job done. That’s how our bodies work. When our systems are oveburdened or taxed symptoms are the result. With targeted supplementation specific to your body and your biochemistry, we can treat diseases, decrease symptoms and ultimately optimize your health.

RHMC and Supplementation

Comprehensive diagnostic testing is used to discover what your body needs to function at it’s best. By taking a thorough history of your health concerns Dr. ACE is able to determine what laboratory tests are clinically indicated to better understand your biochemistry and your specific body. You are unique and your symptoms are too. It’s out job to find out what’s going on in YOUR case. 

Take high blood pressure, which we often treat in office. Dr. ACE is able to sift through the myriad physiological reasons for high blood pressure, including sympathetic nervous system overstimulation, hormonal imbalances, obesity, kidney dysfunction, and cardiovascular issues, for example.

Then, with the appropriate diagnosis, targeted supplementation, amongst other treatments, is used to boost your health, decrease your symptoms and support your body.

Some common areas of supplementation include:

  • Adrenal Support
  • Detox Support
  • Nutrient Repletion
  • Antioxidant Support
  • Gut healing protocols
  • Neurotransmitter and emotional support
  • Chelation protocols
  • Inflammation modulation
  • Immune Support

Athletic Supplementation

Do you need supplements? This all depends on your activity levels, digestive health, nutrition quality as well as health status overall. We don’t have a one-size fits all plan for our athletes. We take a detailed clinically oriented approach through comprehensive lab testing and tracking to determine which supplements you may benefit from based on YOUR health, goals, training and lifestyle. We recommend physician-grade, well-researched supplements that have been clinically proven effective, not based off of crafty marketing. We have extensively researched and vetted this industry. We know what works.

Contact us to find out what supplementation you need to improve the function of your body.

Contact us to find out what supplementation you need to improve the function of your body.


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