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Telemedicine with Regenerate Health Medical Center in Santa Barbara

No time to make it in to our office? Live outside of California? No problem! Telemedicine allows you to have the convenience of our Doctors wherever you are to receive the best care possible!

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine gives you the opportunity to consult with your doctor from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever life may find you. No more waiting in traffic, hurrying to the Doctor’s office after work hours, etc.

If you like the idea of seeing your doctor remotely, you are not alone! Telemedicine is now possible for continued care as well as for new patients (see below for conditions).

Our Doctors communicate with you remotely and provide the best level of care. If you are too busy to make it in to the office or live outside of California, we can coordinate with you to ensure that your health needs are met with our caring, supportive and dedicated team.

Consultations are conducted via secure video portal or telephone and all correspondence of personal health information is done via a secure online patient portal that allows you to review your treatment plans, see your labs and directly communicate with your doctor.

Benefits of Telemedicine:

  • Consult with your doctor without the hassle of traveling
  • Review labs, receive updated prescriptions and care wherever you are
  • Get medical care and questions answered ASAP with last minute acute care visits (apt required)
  • No transport time or costs
  • No need to take time off of work
  • No need to arrange childcare
  • No wasted time in the waiting room
  • Increased access to care

Who qualifies for Telemedicine?

We are pleased to offer telemedicine to new and existing patients for management of medical concerns. This care includes a thorough health review, coordination for laboratory diagnostic tests (via at home collection kits or through coordination with local laboratory draw centers), medial prescriptions and recommendations for treatment as well as coordination should local referrals be necessary.

For new patients, a full physical exam MUST be performed with a local physician in your area, to ensure that your physical health has been evaluated. Telemedicine is not suited to evaluate the treatment of or risks associated with physical complaints.

Is Telemedicine HIPAA compliant?

Yes! Our telemedicine visits are HIPAA complaint. Our office uses a secure video conferencing portal and a secure electronic patient portal to ensure that your personal health information is kept private and yet easily accessible for you wherever you are. Our office goes above and beyond the rigorous standards to your information is kept safe.

How do I get started?

We are so happy you are taking the first step to improving your health and we are excited to educate and empower you to take control of your life. Please fill out the form below so we may contact you ASAP to begin your health journey.


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