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Ready to explore your potential? Want a dedicated coach for YOU? Work directly with our certified strength & conditioning coach to achieve your fitness and wellness goals with a customized program that keeps you safe, improves your strength and grows with you.

Whether new to exercise or been training for years, Coch Dave works with you to get you the results YOU want.

Individualize Your Fitness with Regenerate Health Medical Center in Santa Barbara

Looking for a sustainable way to get stronger and thrive? Our preferred partner, Regenerate Strength, delivers individualized fitness programming that is designed to provide you the best results possible by creating commitment and consistency through long term relationships. We have found that through commitment, our clients are more likely to achieve their goals and remain dedicated to accomplishing them.

Each individual is unique; therefore we believe each person’s program design should be as well. After an initial consultation, followed later by a thorough movement assessment (in person, or video call for remote clients), this will allow you and the coach to determine exactly where to start and where to take your program. Monthly check-ins allow you and the coach to remain on track with your goals, program design, nutrition and address any questions you might have along the way. This means that beyond working closely with our clients on nutrition and exercise protocols, which are required for achieving serious results, we also dig deeper into the lifestyle component to understand the impacts our everyday choices have on our health and wellness.

You will work directly with a certified strength & conditioning coach to ensure that the design of your program involves movements and weight training protocols that will keep you safe, improve your strength and meet you where you are at with your fitness and wellness goals.

Your program will be delivered to you on a weekly basis via TrueCoach (a powerful online coaching platform), and your coach will review every workout and provide you accountability and support. Having a coach tailor a program specifically for your needs allows you to achieve results faster and sustainably. Welcome to Individual Program Design, we are glad you are here.

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