Brooke’s Story

Name: Brooke L.

What was your reason for coming in to see RHMC & Dr. Alioto?

To regulate my hormones, heal my PCOS, and work with any deficiencies I may have had. As well as get on a good eating/workout regimen for my specific body type to make sure I’m as healthy as can be.

In what ways has this care benefited you?

I’m starting to feel more energetic, happy, and content with myself. I feel like my body has regulated itself in the short amount of time I have been a client. Looking forward to seeing more results as time goes by.


Why would you recommend Dr. Alioto and RHMC?

I tell all my friends and clients about RHMC and Dr. Allioto whenever I get the opportunity! It’s the best and defiantly worth the time and money. It is an investment on yourself and that’s huge.

Absolutely love your practice and it was worth every penny!! I’ve waited a long time to be able to do this for myself and I have zero regrets. Thanks so much!! We are with our body for life, so I believe it’s very important to make sure you are living to your full potential.


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