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Heather’s Story

Name: Heather Wiener

What was your reason for coming in to see RHMC & Dr ACE?

I had recently started to try and get back into running and was worried about my knee, so I wanted to address possible issues. 

I have been a marathon runner and triathlete pretty much all my life. But unfortunately, this all came to a screeching halt 3 years ago due to my knee. I was also diagnosed with osteoarthritis. I have seen many doctors and specialists over the years from an orthopedic surgeon to chiropractor. 

Previously I got PRP in New York, with some success. But due to the Covid outbreak this was not an option. So I got busy searching the internet for another provider and came across RHMC. My hope had been to find PRP Therapy and keep running without a problem. 

Upon my first visit, I quickly learnt that the pain in my knee was not isolated from the rest of my symptoms, aches and health challenges I was experiencing. Rather, that there were many underlying issues such as significant inflammation in the body to name a major one. These underlying issues needed to be addressed, in order to improve my overall health, I needed to go to the “Root Cause” of my condition.. 

I was diagnosed with Gerd 45 years ago. I had seen various gastroenterologist and internists and was given various pharmaceuticals for the condition. Additionally I had to make many unwanted changes to my diet as certain foods would make the condition unbearable. As a result I had not been able to eat fruits or meats to name a few. 


In what ways has this care benefited you?

After my initial consult and follow up visit, I signed up for every other therapy but PRP and now 6 months into this Health Journey, I think I may not even need PRP Therapy. 

As part of my treatment plan Dr.Ace suggested regular PEMF Therapy (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) this treatment has made a significant difference and has had a huge impact. I started feeling improvements after a few sessions. Now a few months later I am already back to running 5 miles, 3 times per week with no pain or swelling. 

Reducing my knee pain non surgically and without PRP Therapy, is not the only success   I have had since seeing Dr.Ace. There has also been an exciting huge change with my diet. After 50 years of having to restrict myself,  I am now back to eating fruits and have been able to slowly reintroduce meat back into my diet. I can’t even put into words how much I look forward to that first Burger, I have been craving for decades.


Why would you recommend Dr ACE and RHMC?

I would recommend Dr. ACE and RHMC to anyone! I believe the holistic, whole body approach is very helpful for all ages, but especially for aging people. It will help them get back to vitality, have them feel younger, enjoy life and feel they are capable of anything. 

With Dr.Ace I am into the 6 month “all natural” process and It has already been life changing.  

Dr. ACE works with you to achieve your individualized goals through targeted, proven and scientifically based nutritional protocols.
Dr. ACE works with you to achieve your individualized goals through targeted, proven and scientifically based nutritional protocols.

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