Kelley’s Story

When I think about what I have learned since embarking on this journey to better health (aka The Foundations Program) I must say, I am pleased with the experience and results.

My consult with Dr. Ace and a quick view of a YouTube video and I knew she was right for me. I didn’t realize how hard I was going to need to work!

I hobbled into her office in August of 2021 on the heels of a nasty stomach bug (only to get hit with it again 5 days later) and I was a wreck! All of that on top of almost a year of inflamed and stiff knees, shoulders and neck. I felt so defeated when I started…I could only improve.

The program took me through eliminations and a detox and emphasized the importance of supplements. I was a walking science experiment ready to try ANYTHING to stop the pain and inflammation. Like most of us that have only ever known Western Medicine ways (take a pill, pain is gone but side effects are needing another pill and on and on), I had a lot to learn about getting to the root of my pain.

Bloodwork revealed multiple issues so we began the work of getting my my body better nourished and hydrated and de-stressed, etc. I learned that I had a lot to learn at the age of 56! I thought I was getting away with eating like a teenager…my body finally said, “Enough!!!”

So I am 7 months in. I’ve tried a variety of things along the way to get me “back to normal” as far as pain elimination and mobility unfortunately my fairly active lifestyle had come to a screeching halt. It turns out that sugar has had to be eliminated from my diet and I was in denial about how badly it was affecting me. My bloodwork has improved each time. My mobility is getting slowly but surely better. I’ve lost 30 pounds since last July. I have a ways to go but am learning that my body wants to heal-it is up to me to help it along and in time I will be feeling no pain and can begin rebuilding my strength.

I’m thankful for the whole RHMC team. Dave is an excellent coach- both compassionate and encouraging. I know this isn’t the end of this new approach to life. It is truly the beginning of a new chapter of a new and improved future. Thank you all for being the perfect team to help me.

I Am Empowered At Last!


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