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Sam’s Story

Name: Samantha Loesch

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What was your reason for coming in to see RHMC & Dr ACE?

I was suffering from chronic pain that began interfering with my training. It was my coach, Juan, that first started working with me and answering questions that I had about pain. We checked movement patterns, but it seemed to go deeper than that. We began looking deeper under the hood, but it started to go into uncharted territory.

All of my life as I had had digestive issues, hormonal issues, and finally, chronic pain. I even started having bizarre symptoms like fainting every single day, I caught every cold or virus that got passed around, and I battled overwhelming fatigue on a daily basis, yet the inability to sleep at night. I can’t count the number of times a doctor of physician either passed me off or told me that I was an “interesting” case. But no one was ever able to help me and no one ever tried to look at all the issues or how my body was functioning as a whole.

My coach suggested I get some more tests done and one of those revealed that I had Celiacs Disease. Around this time, Juan’s coach and mentor, Michael Bann from OPEX in AZ, visited us in Mexico City and was able to help us go a couple layers deeper and make sense of some of my recent lab results in conjunction with evaluating me in the gym. This is when things started to make sense – it wasn’t a series of random issues, but there was a pattern to what had been going on since I was a child. He recommended me to Dr ACE for professional help and to look even deeper under the hood.

In what ways has this care benefited you?

First and foremost, I finally understand what my body has been trying to tell me! Dr ACE has helped me to gather all the information based on medical history and new tests and lab work. With that, she has helped make sense of what used to seem like sporadic and unrelated symptoms. Then, she gave me a treatment plan that continues to be adjusted and updated as my body responds. This has included lifestyle changes, a radical diet change that supports everyday life and also my CrossFit training, hormone treatment, and a variety of supplements specific to my needs. Within a matter of weeks, the inflammation in my body began to decrease so significantly that I could honestly say I could never remember feeling so good. My debilitating pain went away almost completely and I finally returned to my sport, my digestion improved and I didn’t suffer from IBS type symptoms, my skin cleared, my sleep began to improve, and my energy began to normalize. We are still in the middle of the journey and continue to reassess and make changes as my body responds to different treatments.

Why would you recommend Dr ACE and RHMC?

Without hesitation, I have and will continue to recommend Dr ACE to family, friends, and fellow athletes because of her integrative and holistic approach, ability to make sense of all the pieces and understand my body’s needs at the deepest level, and because I have felt that she truly hears me and cares about my health and my path towards wellness. This is the first time that I have seen real improvement while working with any doctor. I found Dr ACE through my sport and wanting to be able to return to training and competing, but my overall health and quality of life has been tremendously impacted and I am thrilled about the path that we’re on. Even if someone considers themselves to be a relatively healthy person, a deeper look under the hood can only help! I was so used to living with so many health problems, that after time, they became normal to me. There’s no reason to settle for anything less than optimal health!


Dr. ACE works with you to achieve your individualized goals through targeted, proven and scientifically based nutritional protocols.
Dr. ACE works with you to achieve your individualized goals through targeted, proven and scientifically based nutritional protocols.

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