Eczema Causes

Eczema is a common skin condition affecting 32% of the US population. Eczema causes results in rashes that are inflamed, red, itchy, flaky, cracked and rough. Typically for adults Eczema can occur on the face, chest, arms and legs. However most common, especially in childrens eczema, is inner elbows and behind the knees.

Did you know 9/10 Eczema Causes stem from the GUT!


When our gut microbiome and/or gut lining become impaired or imbalanced, numerous symptoms ensue, including skin rashes and eczema. Why is this and how does the gut become impaired, or what we call “leaky?”

How does the gut become Leaky?

Leaky Gut can be a result of many different things. The first encounter causing gut permeability in babies is c-section birth and/or not being breast-fed. When a child is born vaginally, the baby is exposed to Mom’s beneficial, immune-supporting bacteria. Similarly, since all babies are born with a leaky gut, breast milk provides specific proteins to help baby’s gut lining heal. The breast milk provides necessary bacteria for a healthy microbiome. Other causes of leaky gut could be antibiotics, medications, stress/trauma, concussion, poor diet and environmental toxins.

So how is eczema caused by having a leaky gut?

When your gut is leaky, meaning that the tight junctions keeping the gut lining together are no longer tight, proteins, toxins and microbes that are usually eliminated via the stool, get through the gut lining and into the blood stream. As you know, the blood travels throughout the entire body, so these harmful molecules become systemic. These molecules cause inflammation, an over-reactive immune system, digestive symptoms, brain fog, pain, and SKIN RASHES! This can also lead to food intolerance’s because the body recognizes large undigested molecules as foreign and works to attack them.

That being said, eczema is a sign of inflammation, gut imbalance and immune system up-regulation. The important thing here is to heal from the inside out starting by addressing the gut. If you can rebalance the gut, decrease inflammation and calm the immune system, your skin will love you!

Eczema Natural Treatment

First, identify if there is a food you’re eating that you may be intolerant to. When eating foods that you’re intolerant to, your body has a more difficult time breaking it down, causing inflammation and immune system up-regulation. In order to quell these symptoms and your skin flares, you will need to eliminate the causative foods.

The most common offending foods are dairy, gluten, eggs and nuts. You can identify your food intolerance’s by trying an elimination diet. An elimination diet is where you eliminate a certain food for 10-14 days and notice if your skin calms down. You want to eliminate one food at a time and slowly add it back before eliminating another food group. This takes time and diligence, but can really help symptoms.

Another eczema natural treatment is to use natural topicals. Eczema is dry, itchy and flaky so it’s important to keep it soothed and moisturized. The best ingredients to use are Manuka honey, beeswax, aloe oil, coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil. It’s important to look at the ingredient label thoroughly and to stay away from additives, coloring’s or alcohols, which are drying and toxic to your skin.

The last eczema natural treatment we suggest is you can do an at home therapy called a wet wrap. When you or your child has an eczema flare, it can be helpful to calm and re-hydrate the skin and allows topical treatments to work better. Wet wraps are best done after bathing, moisturizing and applying a natural topical cream or ointment. Also, Wet wraps are simple to administer and can reduce scarring. They can also remove the need for prescription medications, especially when flares are really bad. You can use cotton or gauze as the wet layer and flannel or plastic wrap to cover.

You can find full eczema wet wrap instructions here.

The above recommendations are all palliative, or they help to naturally decrease eczema symptoms, but they don’t completely address the eczema causes. As Naturopathic Medical Doctors our goal is to always treat the cause, not the symptom.
In working with a conventional Medical Doctor, the most common prescription is steroid creams. These creams do help to decrease inflammation, however they can create toxicity and cause other harmful side effects. They also only work while they are being used and once discontinued symptoms return, so the eczema cause is not identified or addressed.

On the other hand, working with a Naturopathic Medical Doctor will allow you to understand and heal the underlying cause of yours or your child’s eczema. Completing a comprehensive stool test and possibly a food intolerance test is the best first step in identifying your body’s root eczema cause. A comprehensive stool test will identify your body’s microbial imbalance, gut infections, digestion, absorption, immune response as well as inflammation in the gut. By identifying these specific imbalances and replenishing a proper gut microbiome, you can streamline the eczema treatment approach to heal your gut and skin!

Also important in eczema treatment is supporting your body with natural anti-inflammatories, both through diet and supplementation. It has been found that individuals with eczema have a lower level of Gamma-Linoleic Acid, thus supplementing with fatty acid can be very supportive as you work to heal from the inside out!

All in all, the most important thing you can do for yours or your child’s skin is to address the eczema cause and treat that! The solutions you seek to set you free of symptoms are here and it can all be done safely and naturally!

Is Eczema Effective You or Your Children?

Are you or your loved ones suffering from Eczema, but want to take a more natural approach to treating your skin? Get in touch with us to schedule a free discovery call in how we can help you.

The above information is not intended to diagnose or treat and disease and is not a substitute for appropriate medical care.

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