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7 Ways To Increase Cognition, Memory And Mood!

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Mental Health Is Brain Health!

And there are a decent amount of external factors that can affect both, leading to imbalance and health concerns. Luckily, there are also many things you can do to better support your brain biology and cognitive performance.


If you read my last blog you will know if your brain might need some extra love and nourishment. That is what we’ll be talking about here!




👉🏻 Eat Brain-Supporting Foods.
Add brain-supporting nutrients to optimize cognitive function
Omega-3 fatty acids
B Complex
Vitamin D


To add some fun to your brain foods, check out this Recipe!

👉🏻 Move your body. 
Exercise and movement doesn’t always have to be intense or extreme. Sometimes a simple walk, body weight squats or 5 minutes of yoga stretches is enough to get blood and oxygen to flow to the brain and improve focus and cognition. Exercise has been shown to improve neurotransmitters like dopamine, increases BDNF, which your brain cells need to stay well-functioning and also improves Learning.
👉🏻 Get adequate sleep.
Your brain needs time to rest, repair and recharge. When it comes to brain health, neuroscientist and author Dr. Tara Swart says that sleep is “as or more important than diet, exercise, hydration and meditation.”
👉🏻 Challenge Your Brain.
Here’s your sign to start doing more puzzles and playing more games (yes, really!). Completing crossword and number puzzles is particularly beneficial For Older Adults, but anyone that does them regularly will experience better memory, reasoning, and attention. Incorporating more brain-healthy activities into your schedule is as simple as Tuesday-night Scrabble games and early mornings with a new book.
👉🏻 Mindfulness.
Meditation is now a very well-known and highly touted mindfulness practice, however that’s not the only way to promote mindfulness. We can be mindful throughout the day through breath work, stress relieving activities and simply slowing down. However, if you need a reason to try meditation, A Study From 2011 found that gray matter in the brain increased after eight weeks of meditation. Gray matter is involved in learning, memory, emotional regulation, perspective and processing of sense of self. Sounds like a great reason to engage in some mindfulness-based practices!
👉🏻 Connect with others.
One of the most basic human needs is connection, something that many of us lost during the shutdowns. Did you notice yours or the mental health of someone you know seriously declined during these times of isolation? Finding and cultivating connection and purpose is extremely important for a healthy and long-lasting brain. This means that taking time to socialize and see loved ones regularly is a vital part of mental well-being and health.
👉🏻 Take a brain-loving supplement.
Using a brain performance supplement with clinically researched nutrients, such as a nootropic, can be absolutely game-changing. Depending on your need, premium, professional grade supplements help to support blood flow and oxygen to the brain, reduce inflammation, strengthen neurotransmitter production, enhance mental processing and memory, while promoting mental clarity and brain longevity. While these supplements are recommended on an individual-need basis, knowing when your brain needs extra love is a great start to taking the steps toward health and longevity.
Brain health doesn’t have to be complex. Optimizing your baseline from eating well, sleeping well and continuing to challenge your brain can lead to a happy and healthy life. When you feel that there is something else going on or haven’t been able to find the answers you need to heal your brain, contact Dr. Alioto at Regenerate Health Medical Center to curate an individualized approach to help you get back on track.

“Biology gives you a brain. Life turns it into a mind.” – Jeffrey Eugenides

The above information is not intended to diagnose or treat a

disease and is not a substitute for appropriate medical care.


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