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Common Causes Of Fatigue

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Feeling like you need just a little more caffeine to make it through the day…or the weeks…or the months? 

Fatigue can be a natural response to working too much and sleeping too little, but it can also be the result of other health issues going on beneath the surface.

Some causes of fatigue are serious medical issues that need to be treated by a qualified healthcare provider. Examples include things like anemia, hypothyroidism, diabetes, or adrenal exhaustion. It’s always important to be evaluated to rule out anything serious!

But what if you’ve seen a doctor and ruled out anything serious and still just seem to feel tired all the time?

That’s when it’s time to look deeper.

Unexplained fatigue is one of the most common symptoms we treat at RHMC, but the cause can vary quite a bit. 

That’s why in Naturopathic Medicine it is important to look at the root cause of your fatigue. You will be accessed beyond just the diagnosis to explore patterns in your biochemistry that might be keeping you tired and unwell. It’s a whole- body approach that looks for possibilities like:

  • Micronutrient insufficiencies
  • Food sensitivities
  • Low-grade inflammation
  • Detoxification pathways
  • Gut and digestive function
  • Hormone metabolism
  • Exposures to environmental toxins
  • Mold-related issues
  • Mental health concerns
  • Lifestyle factors
  • Chronic stress
  • And more!!



Once the root cause and underlying imbalances of your fatigue are understood, then we focus on fixing that to resolve your fatigue for good!

In the meantime, here are five suggestions to support your energy levels. Remember that the cause of your fatigue is different than the next person’s so you must understand the root cause in order to make the most effects!

  • Get enough sleep! 7-9 hours is ideal for most people
  • Eat a healthy diet avoiding overconsumption of sugar, alcohol and caffeine, if any at all. These chemicals affect your adrenal glands and your ability to properly make the hormones needed for optimal energy, mental and physical functions and recovery.
  • Exercise, while it sounds unappetizing when you’re really tired, can actually help boost your energy by promoting blood flow and boosting your metabolism, therefore creating good energy! If you can’t muster up the motivation to do much, take it easy and go for a walk or do some body weight movements like air squats, push ups or dancing!
  • Mange your stress to avoid burnout. This is critical for healthy energy, mood, sleep and overall wellness.
  • Find things that you love to do and do them! Whether it be your career, your extracurriculars or the people you spend time with…the way you spend your life can either drain you or energize you… choose wisely friends!

Concerned your fatigue is as a result of a health issues but you haven’t been able to find answers? Maybe it’s time to dive deeper and going beneath the surface.

Take your no risk next step and reach out to us today to get started. Our Doctors will guide you back to your optimal health and energetic self. Click Here To Get Started

The above information is not intended to diagnose or treat a disease and is not a substitute for appropriate medical care.


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