The Facial That Every Woman Wants…(Plus a special offer for you!)

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Do you want bright, wrinkle-free and healthy-looking skin? Of course you do! PRP facials stimulate your body’s self-healing mechanism by using your own blood to regenerate your skin cells and boost collagen. This invigorating therapy reduces redness and aging, reverses sun damage, clears acne-prone skin, and evens out skin tone! The science behind PRP facials (discussed below) as a natural way to boost skin health proves its efficacy.

Why does RHMC use it for our patients?

A PRP regenerative facial uses your own PRP and a micro-needling device that is a safe and effective medical procedure for treating fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and hyperpigmentation. The use of a natural biological substance has proven to be an extremely effective alternative to conventional pharmacological treatments for more than 10 years, without the side effects or worry of toxicity.

After just one treatment you will see visible results to your skin health; however, these effects improve with every procedure, with increased turnover of skin cells and collagen deposition leading to new tissue growth. Your skin will be rejuvenated, an increase in thickness and tissue will repair itself.

The Science Behind PRP Facials

Now that you know that the PRP facials use your own thrombocyte to rejuvenate your facial tissue, you may be wondering, what is it about the serum that makes it such a powerful healing agent? Your blood contains red blood cells, white blood cells and thrombocytes. The thrombocytes contain your body’s growth factors, which give your skin the ability to naturally increase elastin and collagen as well as antioxidants and hydration. Once your blood is processed to separate the thrombocytes from the rest of the blood, your skilled naturopathic medical doctor will inject the PRP into your skin in order to promote cell turnover and increase the regeneration of your skin.

There have been numerous studies in peer-reviewed medical journals to prove the efficacy of this procedure, especially confirming tissue remodeling in aged skin and in healing scars. Another article by E. Elghblawi cites,“ PRP increases dermal collagen levels not only by growth factors but also by skin needling. PRP application could be considered as an effective and safe procedure for skin rejuvenation and skin thickness.” Many other studies can also be found on the National Institutes of Health Website.

What makes RHMC’s facial different from any other “Vampire Facial?”

At Regenerate Health Medical Center we offer the best in quality because not only is our procedure doctor mediated, but we use the most up-to-date device that can be customized to your skin’s needs and intensity. We also use a very high-quality PRP processing, which allows us to get the purest thrombocytes, leaving no other red or white blood cells in the PRP. An added benefit is that we add in growth factors and a brightening serum to your thrombocytes in order to intensify your results, giving your skin extra collagen-boosting peptides and a softer, younger look.

At RHMC, we offer the expertise of a Naturopathic Medical Doctor (“NMD”), combined with the latest development of technology to provide you with the highest quality facial and greatest results. There is no downtime from this procedure and what’s better is that it is natural (it’s from your own body!), it’s safe and effective.


If younger, firmer, brighter skin is the appearance you’ve been wanting, then the PRP facial is for you!

Special Offer!

Mother’s Day is a month away, help mom rejuvenate her skin with our Mother’s Day PRP Special and receive 25% off! (a $1,325 value for only $999)

Mom will be pampered with a “Inner Glow” nutrient IV in our cozy IV suite, then treated to her PRP Facial by our professional staff and a Naturopathic Medical Doctor!

Call or stop by the office today to take advantage of this Special Offer!

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