Arthritis Series – Part 3 of 4: How To Heal Your Osteoarthritis…Naturally!


If you recall from Part 2, “In arthritis, protease enzymes in your joints are overexpressed causing your body to favor the breakdown of cartilage as opposed to the remodeling (rebuilding), resulting in loss of cartilage. This happens due to pro-inflammatory cells that also suppress collagen synthesis and further increase inflammation. The body attempts to heal, but degeneration prevails. This is distinct from age related cartilage loss. Osteoarthritis displays more collagen loss, less hydrated joints, less constituents responsible for joint fluidity and more degradative enzymes.” Here in Part 3, learn how to heal your body naturally.

The good news? Cartilage Can Repair Itself!

Local growth factor production stimulates cartilage synthesis and decreases the pro-inflammatory cells. Take away – Your body can heal itself, given the right conditions!!

How to Heal Arthritis Naturally and GET OUT OF PAIN!

#1 DECREASE SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATION! It is important to find the triggers for inflammation for each individual, but more often than not balancing blood sugars and decreasing inflammatory foods like sugar, gluten, dairy and or caffeine can have dramatic effects! Also, increasing your nutrients so your body actually functions, allowing you to properly detoxify, is huge. With impaired detoxification pathways, think bowels, sweat and urine, your body accumulates toxins, which are majorly inflammatory.  Continue to move your body, as was mentioned earlier. Build muscle. Improve blood flow.

#2 Kick start your body’s ability to heal your joints – Regenerative Joint Injections. You may have heard about Prolotherapy/ Platelet Rich Plasma/ Stem Cell. NBA stars like Kobe Bryant have popularized this incredibly effective, natural ways to use you body’s own ability to heal injuries to repair ligaments, cartilage and other tissue and decrease pain. Prolotherapy changed my life. Although I didn’t have osteoarthritis, at the ripe age of 9 I had chronic back pain from an automobile collision in which I was sandwiched between 2 cars. Suffice it to say my body needed help and Regenerative Injections were a lifesaver!

What specific nutrition/ nutrient support does your body need to heal Osteoarthritis?

  • Nutrients:
    • Boost your vitamin C – necessary for collagen repair
    • Zinc, Vitamin D, B3, Copper, Manganese – essential for tissue repair
    • Collagen Powder, Glucosamine/ MSM/ Hyaluronic acid
    • Increase Omega-3 – naturally anti-inflammatory and lubricating
    • Systemic Enzymes, Bromelain and other natural anti-inflammatory nutrients like turmeric, resveratrol, etc
  • Dietary Tips and Caveats:
    • Eat foods rich in healthy omega-3 fats such as salmon, raw nuts, avocado and ground flaxseeds or chia seeds.
    • Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits high in vitamin C and preferably organic.
    • Drink anti-inflammatory teas such as ginger and turmeric teas.
    • Avoid refined and processed foods and partially hydrogenated oils, which may contribute to inflammation.
    • Avoid foods and beverages high in sugar.
  • Lifestyle Recommendations
    • Regular exercise to increase muscle strength.
      • Joints need to be strong to avoid degeneration!
    • Incorporate weight reduction program, if needed, to lose any excess weight.
    • Use hot and cold therapy to manage pain and stiffness
      • Sauna/ cold shower
      • Hot/ cold packs
      • Increases blood flow -> healing

For a full recap on this series…stay tuned for Part 4!

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