Arthritis Series – Part 4 of 4: Recap – What Can I Do Now To Decrease My Osteoarthritis Pain & Degradation?


RECAP! You’ve learned a lot but what was it again?! WHAT arthritis is, what puts you at risk and how conventional treatments only mask pain, the best ways treat it naturally and what steps you can take NOW.

So in summary – What can YOU do NOW? 

    • Keep your body moving – build muscle
      • Decreases inflammation
      • Stabilizes joints
      • Improves hormones
    • Support your body’s ability to repair cartilage
      • Use herbs, hydration and nutrients to support
    • Anti-inflammatory diet
      • Limit grains/ dairy/ sugar
      • Emphasize colorful fruits and vegetables, nuts/ seeds/ quality proteins
      • Plenty of health fat, anti-Inflammatory nutrient and COLLAGEN!
    • Regenerate your Joints
      • Prolotherapy Kickstart your body’s healing with this simple yet effective therapy.
      • Platelet Rich Plasma Harness YOUR body’s capacity to heal naturally, without drugs and with minimal down time. Your platelets are GOLD!
      • Stem Cell YOUR body’s ultimate healing powerhouse. These amazing cells become whatever tissues your body needs. Let the Regeneration begin!


  • Last but not least, get evaluated and treated so you have a PLAN that IMPROVES YOUR HEALTH!
    • Diet, supplements, stress reduction, gut health, allergies, immune status, infections, aging, hormones, toxic load and or medications. Your health is complex but having a TARGETED INDIVIDUALIZED PLAN takes the guessing out of it. Are you ready to GET OUT OF PAIN NOW?

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I’m Ready To Be Pain Free!

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