How To Improve Your Health With Functional Lab Testing

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Dr. ACE and I have been getting a lot of questions about how lab testing can be helpful and why the testing that we use in our clinic is different. Here are a few reasons why our testing is different and some examples of lab tests that can help guide you toward optimal health.

The following tests are just scratching the surface, but will help guide you toward receiving the care you deserve!

Why our testing is different:

  • Individualized
  • Comprehensive
  • Investigates underlying cause of dysfunction
  • Options beyond just blood sampling

Below are some of the common lab tests we run and why we feel so strongly about their importance for our patients and in health in general:

Micronutrient Panel

Is your body getting all the nutrition it needs to maintain health at the cellular level? This is a test that measures 35 different vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acidsin your blood, evaluating for any nutritional deficiencies. Essential nutrients are responsible for delivery of oxygen to your muscles and blood cells, which is crucial to health, metabolism and daily performance. Knowing if your blood levels of different nutrients are too low or too high can help us understand the underlying cause of symptoms, prevent disease and naturally improve your health and wellbeing. It will also show how your body uses micronutrients critical to optimizing health goals.

Food Intolerance Testing

Food intolerance testing is beneficial for anyone because food sensitivities are a major underlying cause of many people’s symptoms including fatigue, pain, depression, rashes and much more. This is because eating foods that your body has a difficult time digesting leads to increased inflammation in the body, which results in leaky gut, fatigue and slowed immune response. Eating foods that you are sensitive too can also lead to malabsorption/malnutrition, weight gain and the need for more rest. Food intolerance testing is unique to your physiology and will help you learn which foods to eat and avoid in order to optimize nutrition, gut health, brain health and all chronic disease.

DUTCH Hormone Testing

Does your body feel sluggish, heavy and uncomfortable? Are you
experiencing PMS symptoms or a lower sex drive? Hormone dysfunction can have a large effect on mood, energy, muscle growth, fat storage and libido. Checking and tracking hormone levels/cycles is a huge benefit to getting you back on track and attaining the health you want!

Digestive Stool Testing

Digestive function is at the core of all health and disease. The digestive system houses our “second brain,” as it contains its own nervous system and creates most of the serotonin in your body. It also plays a key role in your cognitive and immune function. Altered digestive function can lead to poor digestion and elimination, brain fog, joint pain, autoimmune disease, etc. thus
stool testing is paramount to identifying what’s going on inside your body and how to best create a customized treatment plan specific to your needs.

CardioMetabolic Panel
Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both males and females in the U.S. so evaluating the cardiovascular system is the best thing you can do to evaluate your risk. This test assesses your lipid profile and cholesterol, blood sugar control, your risk for diabetes as well as cardiovascular inflammation. These are important markers to assess because we can work naturally to lower the risk of disease and create a plan that better suits you and your needs in order to help you better reach your health goals and avoid complications in the future.

As mentioned earlier, these labs are just scratching the surface, but are some of the tests we run most often. As Naturopathic Doctors, we have many more options and tools in our toolbox, which is why we are confident that we can get to the root cause of your health concerns and provide you a clear health road map.

If you are curious to learn more about how your unique body is functioning from the inside out, it’s time to chat! Book your NO RISK Discovery Call today and get started with your plan now!

In Health,

Dr. Alioto, NMD

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